PhytoCeramides from RICE


Suitable for all skin types (Male & Female)

Proven to outperform Wheat (Lipowheat) & Sweet Potato Phytoceramides

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Gluten FREE & Wheat FREE Phytoceramides from Rice - Ceramide-PCB™ - Oryza

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Clinically Tested & Proven To Outperform Wheat / Sweet Potato
Gluten-Free - Made From Rice
Low Dose Effectiveness
Trusted and used in Japan for over 12 years
Increases skin hydration
Reduces itchiness and redness
Minimizes small lines and wrinkles
Promotes skin smoothness
Fights signs of aging, visibly and from within

Distributed in the UK by Aveya Beauty 


Aveya Beauty - PHYTOCERAMIDES from RICE - Ceramide-PCB™ - ORYZA


We are proud to announce the long awaited Phytoceramides that are GLUTEN FREE, WHEAT FREE, 100% NATURAL & contain Ceramide-PCB a registered trademark of Oryza who have done the clinical testing.

Rice Ceramides are the closest match to the cells in human tissue, this is why Rice ceramide backed by clinical testing are much more effective than Wheat. In the tests Aveya Beauty Ceramide-PCB out performs LipoWheat Phytoceramides (350mg) by 35%.

Low Dose Effectiveness - Ceramide-PCB is the only ingredient that has been proven to work.

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The recent approval from the FDA for phytoceramides, a supplement that has been referred to as the new fountain of youth, has upset the entire dermatology community on a global level. What are phytoceramides? Ceramides are a powerful compound that reside naturally in the skin. As people age, the ceramides diminish and in this process, the skin begins to dehydrate and people lose that full look from their younger years.

According to studies conducted at Osaka City University, this could likely be a Botox alternative. Physicians and dermatologists are threatened as the Botox industry generates an amazing $1.3 billion dollars per year, with nearly 2.95 million yearly users of Botox, “regardless of the severely high cost and the mounting health risks that come with the use of Botox,” stated a University spokesperson.

The study was comprised of 33 patients, including six men and twenty-seven women. It lasted over a six-week period, during which time they all took phytoceramides in capsule form on a daily basis. The clinical studies proved that phytoceramides’ powerful ingredients begin working instantly, repairing the wrinkles and aging skin on our entire body. Because phytoceramides hydrate the skin from the inside out, it is being considered a miracle capsule, which sounds as fantastic as calling it the new fountain of youth.  It stabilizes the skin tissue and creates the full, soft, youthful look we are all looking for and hoping to find.

Previously used in Asia as a topical application, phytoceramides are now approved in the United States and can be taken as a dietary supplement. Phytoceramides are derived from rare plant sources. One capsule begins the restoration process by putting the ceramides back into our skin, creating a protective barrier which we lose as we age. It hydrates the skin from within, bringing back that youthful glow.

Ceramides will also protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun, from pollution, and from stress. Studies have shown that there were no side effects reported during this study. The reason these supplements work so well is because taken orally, they enter the blood stream, allowing them to have a positive effect on the entire body.

According to two top plastic surgeons. Dr. Shirley Madhere and Dr. Leif Rodgers,MD, phytoceramides have been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines dramatically. It is a natural skin moisturizer and so much more; it actually improves the structure of the skin. The question being asked is, could phytoceramides be more effective than a facelift?

As stated by Dr. Rogers, taking phytoceramides is like getting a facelift in a bottle. The FDA-approved pill is safe to use as it restores the protective skin barrier. Since it works from the inside, the ceramides actually move up through the layers of one’s skin to undo the damage and the wrinkles that have appeared over time. As people age, they lose the moisture they once had in their skin. The ceramides help the skin to regain its youthful smoothness.

Phyto means plant, which means the phytoceramides are derived from plants. Dr. Rogers further stated that, “anyone with gluten sensitivity should be cautious. As a derivative of plants, wheat, rice, or sweet potatoes could be involved.”

Taking the proper dosage is an important issue if the user wants to get the most out of the phytoceramides. It is recommended to take a single 40mg (Ceramide-PCB) capsule with food once a day; there should be noticeable results in 4 to 12 weeks. It was also added that it is best to choose manufacturers located in the U.S. and approved by the FDA. That will ensure safety and consistency in discovering phytoceramides, the new fountain of youth in this small pill.

By Christine Schlichte



Phytoceramides are plant-based lipids CERAMIDES that promote healthy skin and support optimal hydration levels that protects the skin's surface. Seen on the leading consumer health and wellness television program, this potent anti-aging formula is designed to aid the health and structural integrity of the skin.

Aveya Beauty Gluten Free Phytoceramides from Rice :  How do they work ?

Phytoceramides are pushed from the young skin out to the old skin. Once these Phytoceramides are out on the older skin, these are bound together to form a barrier which acts as a shield that keeps moisture within the skin. This helps keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Pure Phytoceramides helps keep the skin look and feel plump and gets rid of cracks and wrinkles too! Dry skin vanishes as it becomes moisturized and a lot healthier.

Aveya Phytoceramides are made up of all-natural components so it has no harmful bleaching chemicals. It has no hydroquinone. This product can have the same benefits without the pain that one usually experiences with laser treatments. It has no steroids and it does not leave oily residue.

Why do Hollywood Stars love Phytoceramides?

Hollywood stars have the same skin concerns with other women, only they need more protection because of their exposure to different weather conditions and strong, harmful light rays both from the sun and artificial lighting. However, this product will benefit everyone from housewives, beauty queens, office workers, health care professionals, Hollywood stars and everybody in between.

While a lot of other Phytoceramides products are available in the market, one should make sure that she gets Aveya Beauty Phytoceramides to fully enjoy its benefits.

  • Smoothness. Achieve smoothness of skin as this product gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles that make one’s skin look older.
  • Health. One can have healthier skin as the product enhances and improves the skin’s structure.
  • Eternal Youth. This product has been used for centuries in Japan. Now, this anti-aging product is approved by FDA for oral consumption and shows effectiveness in stopping skin aging.
  • Safety. This product is guaranteed safe and effective since it comes from plants and is all-natural. There is no need to be worried about harmful chemicals as this natural product can keep your skin plump and hydrated without risks of irritation.
  • Remedy. Phytoceramides is the best remedy for damaged skin barrier or shield, lack of moisture, and sun-damaged skin.


What are the things that I should remember about Phytoceramides?

Recommended intake of Aveya Beauty Phytoceramides is one veggie capsule daily, it is pure and it is very potent. It keeps the skin moisturised which is a very important factor when one wants healthy skin. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, enough supply for 1 month with results showing as early as two weeks.

Get your bottle of Aveya Beauty - Wheat Free - Gluten Free Phytoceramides and get the healthier younger skin that you have always wished for!